Create a test site for the BASIC PLAN

Sign up for a test site by using the form below. Once you’ve filled in the form you’ll be able to access your demo site immediately. This demo site will be available for as long as you need, however it will be purged once left unused for 3 (three) consecutive days.

In the test site, you will have access to WP RSS Aggregator plus the Excerpts & Thumbnails, Keyword Filtering and Categories add-ons, which you are free to try out.

Please note that if you plan to purchase any of the add-ons alone, the functionality of the other add-ons will not be included. For instance, purchasing the Categories add-on only will mean that you won’t be able to filter the imported content or to display an excerpt and thumbnail with each feed item.

If you encounter any difficulties, have any feature requests or have any doubts about plugin usage, please check out our knowledge base and/or get in touch with our support staff who will be happy to assist you in any way they can.

Fill in the form below and hit CREATE MY DEMO SITE  to get started.